0.6T cube ice machine

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Brand name: Herbin Ice Systems


Details for 0.6T/day cube ice machine.


Product name: Cube ice machine
Model: HBC-0.6T
Ice daily productive capacity: More than 600kgs per 24 hours
Standard working condition: 30C ambient temperature and 20C inlet water
Ice dimension: 22x22x22mm
Ice storage capacity: 470kgs
Condenser: Air / Water cooled
Power supply Three phases power supply

Note: The machine’s ice capacity is based on 30C ambient temperature and 20C inlet water temperature.


We do not use fake information to confuse customers.

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684 ice making cells means 684 pieces of ice cubes can be harvested in one ice making circle.

One circle is 15 minutes in average, and each ice cube is 22x22x22mm.

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Different ice making time for ice cubes with different thickness.

Ice making time can be preset, and it is adjustable.

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