1000kg/day flake ice machine + 400kg ice storage bin.

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Product Detail

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The machine has plug-and-play design. It is ready for ice making after simple connection with water and power. Ice comes out within 5 minutes after user press the start button.

All jobs of ice making are done full automatically under the control of PLC.

The system will protect itself away from water shortage/ ice bin full/ unstable power supply/ extreme high or cold ambient temperature / and other kinds of failures.

The designed evaporating temperature is minus 20C, which guarantee very good quality ice flakes. Well-frozen dry and thick ice flakes come out from the machine.

The 1000kg/day flake ice machine’s ice bin can storage 400lgs of ice flakes, which are more then the ice made in night time. So the user can leave the machine and make it work by itself in night time. Ice bin will be filled with a lot of ice when the user open the door of the ice bin in the morning.

80% of the components on the ice machine are international famous brands to guarantee good working performance and long service time.


Ice flakes made by our flake ice machines are well-frozen with the best cooling performance. Ice flakes are thick and dry.

Around 1 tons of such high quality ice flakes can be made everyday within 24 hours, and that ice daily productive capacity is based on 25C ambient temperature, 20C inlet water temperature.

The ice thickness range is between 1.5-2.3mm. And the ice thickness is adjustable.

Such ice flakes are widely used for freezing fish, keeping food fresh, food processing, concrete cooling, on board fish icing, chemical use and so on.

They are made by Green power-saving flake ice machines, and the power consumption for making every 1 ton of ice flakes is only 75KWH

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Dry and well-frozen ice flakes with perfect cooling performance. Ice flakes can be used for freezing seafood, keeping food fresh, food processing, concrete cooling, on board fish icing, chemical use and so on.

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Ice daily productive capacity: 1000 kgs of ice flakes per 24 hours.

Water resource: Freshwater from hose

Power supply: 3 phase industrial power

Capacity: 4.1KW

Compressor: Danfoss

Condenser: Air cooling condenser

Refrigerant: R22/R404a

Refrigeration capacity: 6KW

Flake ice machine dimension: 1320x1180x900mm

Flake ice bin dimension: 1320x1180x1005mm

Total dimension: 1320x1180x2005mm

Flake ice storage capacity: 400 kgs of ice flakes

Net weight of the ice machine: 450 kgs

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Instruction for installation

(1) Power supply: The flake ice machine should work with 3 phase industrial use flake ice machine. And the machine should be connected to a correctly rated earth leakage cut-out device.

(2) Water resource: Freshwater from hose with the water pressure of 1.5-3 bars. And it should be less than 1.5 meter away from the ice machine.

(3) Location for installation should be well-ventilated. Do not locate the ice machine in a wet area. Keep it away from sunlight, rain, or hot air. Its standard working condition is 25C ambient temperature with 20C inlet water temperature.

(4) The ground should be flat with water draining hole.

(5) Make sure the air cooling fan face nothing, so the hot air can be released easily. Keep it at least 2 meter away from a wall.

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