How to make ice , how to do ice business, how an ice factory works


This video shows 2x5T/day tube ice machines. The tube ice machines are with my new design.

The evaporator is covered by stainless steel plate, which is much better than foam.
The evaporator's service time will be much longer.
That is another step we took to make our tube ice machines better and better.
This video shows ice tubes come out the machine for 5 times.
The machine can make 5 tons of ice tubes everyday, within every 24 hours.
And that capacity is based on 30C ambient and 20C inlet water temperature.
Ice tubes out of the machine are transparent, crystal, solid and beautiful.
The perfect ice for cooling beverage, drink and so on.
The machine is very power-saving. It is equipped with a 15HP compressor, Bitzer 4HE-18Y-40P, while other Chinese 5T is equipped with 25HP compressor. We only make power-saving ice machines.
My machine consume only 75KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice tubes, while other Chinese tube ice machines consume at least 105KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice tubes.
The difference of making every 1 ton of ice is 30KWH.
So, for a 5T/day tube ice machine, the daily difference is 30x5=150KWH of electricity.
In 10 years, the difference can be 150 x 365 x 10 = 547500 KWH of electricity.
If you choose my power-saving tube ice machine, you can save 547500 KWH of electricity in 10 years.
Electricity is the main manufacturing cost of ice making.
In every ice factory, the owers are trying to figure out how to make ice efficiently. How to make ice with less electricity.
The Key of successful ice business is the power-saving technology.


How to do ice business? Here are some important things you need to think about before you invest for ice business.
1. What kind of ice you should make?
Normally, flake ice is for fishery use, tube ice is food grade and it is used for cooling beverage/drink and so on(Ice for beverage, ice for drink). Tube ice is always sold as ice package. Tube ice is the best for ice package vending business.
You should research and find out what is the best ice in the market, and then you do the same.
2. Choose your ice machine supplier very carefully.
Make sure the machine is very stable and has long service time. No quality problem. Get a quality ice machine.
Make sure the machine is with higher technology for power saving.
If possible, visit your ice machine suppliers to see everything and calculate the electricity consumption of their ice machines.
3. Better service from your ice factory.


How an ice factory works, what is an ice factory?
After watching this video, you will have a general idea about how an ice factory works. What is inside a ice factory.
In a complete ice factory, you can see pure water system, tube ice machine, ice packing machine, bag sealing machine, cold storage room and so on.
Pure water is used for ice making, and then the ice tubes are packed into bags.
Ice packages are kept inside the cold room for storage.
Then ice packages are sold into market directly.
Tube ice machine is the most important device inside an ice factory.
Ice factory how it works, its most important device is well shown in this video.

Post time: Dec-03-2020